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Freddy imitates the King

Freddy’s return from Egypt was celebrated widely by all of the desk-dwellers for his absence had left a gaping hole in the aura of awesome that the desk always lives under. People came from far and wide to meet and greet and bask in the awesomeness of Freddy and he obliged, for obliging such wishes is what awesome people do. Freddy has unparalleled culinary skills, skills that he acquired when he travelled back in time – to Italy in an age where the Italians were eating daal chawal, and created what we now recognize as Italian cuisine. He spent 30 days and 20 nights (for he spent 10 nights making a boat for a boat party with a few immaculate Italian women, which incidentally is how yachts were created) brainstorming with an Italian cook, trying to create a new flavour. They ended up creating what we now know as Pollo Arabiata. It is these unparalled culinary skills that Freddy used to make his visitors a sumptuous meal after which everybody partied.

The party of course was pretty much everyone gawking at Freddy busting moves like a light-sleeping dad busts a sloppy teenager trying to sneak out of the house. The night was fantastic, legendary even and at the peak of it all, Freddy made a tribute to the best pigment-transplanted, plastic nosed popstar (and there is only one of those), Michael Jackson. He thrusted his hips and groped his groin and in one swift motion, went from air-banging into what is now recognized as the longest ever moonwalk, lasting for 27 minutes and covering 38 metres.


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