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Freddy sees some Mummies

It should come as no surprise that Freddy’s speech at ASSHOLE in Lebanon was a great success. Freddy has never given a bad speech. Once Freddy was giving a speech at a Harvard graduation ceremony and had an allergic reaction to the lack of awesomeness in the chief guest. The allergy caused his tongue to swell up and his throat to contract, making him sound like Elmer Fudd’s twin sister. Even after this set back, Freddy battled on with his speech for another 40 minutes and finished to a standing ovation and a stern chiding of the Chief guest.

After his speech at ASSHOLE, Freddy decided to do a little sight seeing. He started off on foot, strolling through the busy streets of Beirut, but Freddy’s not the average tourist. His mind functions at such a high workrate that he didn’t have to stop for photos or for food. He was just legging it for the whole day and, next thing you know, he’d strolled cross-continent, across the Suez Canal and into Egypt. I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’; well there’s a similar, lesser known saying ‘When in Egypt, do whatever the hell you feel like’ and Freddy felt like walking like an Egyptian.


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