Views to Confuse

The life of the mind follows a palindromic sequence, a bell curve. As it ages past its median, it begins to devolve back to its original state of unawareness. It loses it’s ability to differentiate inane from insane, reason from treason, old age from cold rage and other rhyming but contradictory words from each other. This is why it is socially acceptable for old people to wear diapers, yell abuses at their nurses and drive on the wrong side of the road.

As a preventive measure to keep my currently 23 year old mind from suffering the above mentioned misconceptions I intend to exercise my right to opine, my freedom of speech and expression and fulfill my general tendency to rant about things. Hopefully this expulsion of wasteful thought will free up a bit of logical thinking space in my brain for future use.

Just like every other blogger out there, I am an amateur writer, amateur photographer and an amateur artist and I’m going to showcase all my amateur works on this public forum because I can. What I am not an amateur at is Biotechnology, I’ve graduated in that Science, and what science has taught me is that everything is false, wrong or unacceptable until logical reasoning proves otherwise. What this means is that I question everything and everyone. It’s my system.

This blog will primarily be my outlet to vent, rant and deride anything and anyone that fails to fit into my system of logical reasoning. Do not be surprised if you do come across the occasional appreciation piece though for there is the possibility that I may just make a blog entry whilst inebriated.



UPDATE: 27th June, 2011

My first blog post – Mumbai Local printed in DNA (the newspaper) albeit in a fairly abridged and heavily moderated version.

DNA, pg. 6, 27th June, 2011

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